In what form will I receive pictures of the service?

In two ways: electronically, as downloaded from the website or in the form of prints. Depending on the agreement. If you buy a electronicall version shifting acquires the right license for their use. When choosing a traditional prints indicate the format in which it is to be copied.

How many photo shots will I get?

As much as will be contracted in the contract between us. For photos from the wedding, the basic amount is 150 shots in electronic form, and this amount is included in the contract. Always it is possible to order images by selecting them from the specified website for a fee.

A sample picture gallery to purchase (eg. The possibility of buying the wedding guests) is located at this link.

Is it possible to order an album (eg. w wedding), and on what terms and condition?

Selecting an album is done independently on the subpage [products] together with all the trimmings, embellishments and options. All conveniently and transparently shown in the illustrative photos. Once you have selected value is displayed ordered materials and a list of selected options is sent for execution. There remains the question of designing the interior ordered the album. The project of the album is executed for FREE as part of the agreement.

Can I see the contract before signing it?

Absolutely! Yes, it is available in my office - welcome. If you have questions and ambiguities within the meaning content of the agreement'll be able to immediately explain them. If, however, you'll have objected to some points of agreement, we will be able to them as mutual agreement, adjusted.

Where can I see how you are working at a wedding or during a photo shoot?

Frequently during the wedding party, if you were invited guests of the bride and groom. If you have not occasion to do this, the video below will bring you to the style of my work.

Can you do a photo session in our office?

Yes. Probably it is just a matter of business images (or product). I have the capabilities and relevant experience to meet the many demands of customers and I performed many times this type of order. I can arrange studio anywhere.

I want to order the gallery with my pictures from the session. How much it costs?

Nothing. Each person who enters into contract with me to take pictures, absulutely will receive it for free. Gallery, at your request, can be protected by password for outside users. Additionally, you can also get access to the gallery ordering photos and / or prints. A convenient way to print orders for other people interested in them (family, friends, other participants in the event). A sample picture gallery to purchase (eg. the possibility of buying the wedding guests) is located at this link.

Do you have a license to shoot in a church?


Did you take pictures by yourself or someone else, under outsource their execution?

I am photographing personally. When you order, accompanied by my assistant that helps to light the scene. In the case of orders weddings, I will inform you in advance about the presence of an additional person who will be with me participate during the execution of the order.

How far you will arrive at a photo shoot?

The agreement is contracted reach up to 100 km from Poznan. For longer distances spaces operating costs per kilometer (~1,- PLN/km).

Did you take pictures of products?

Yes. I do so packshot product images. Where the product is presented on an isolated neutral background (usually white or transparent). I also make advertising photos of products - the so-called stylized photo.

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