Image session for Instytut Idea Fit & Spa

Image session for Instytut Idea Fit & Spa

On a beautiful, sunny day in August, an image session was held for the employees of the Idea Fit & Spa Institute run by the extraordinary Mrs. Katarzyna Kabat. Qualified and extremely friendly staff and beautiful interiors are just a few words to describe this magical place and people. Photo gallery here.

Photo session for Google

Photo session for Google

Google has invited me to collaborate on the project Growth Engine Google. Nearly four months traveling in Poland, a few thousand kilometers on our new expensive highways and off-road, a couple of liters of energy drinks, flashes of kilowatts of energy, and many known interesting people. I had the pleasure to perform sessions such companies as: Poznańska Pyra, Ola & Olo, Pixers, Spes - Medival market, Wynajmij Kampera, Audioteka, Histfenc, Fajne logo, Bigo Paintball, Polish Soccer Skills, ABC Przedszkole,, Yamaha Music School, Napoleoncat, Republika rytmu, Bano Show, Tento consulting, Times Event Center, Olszewskiego 128, Mateusz Dworczak, Instytut gitary, Ekstra limuzyny, StepByStep, Jarograf, Sztuka Słowa, Ekomaluch, Manta Veterinary Clinic, Perfect Day, Pod Kogutem Catering.

The effects of my work on the project Growth Engine Google, you can see here on Google.

Selected images photographed companies, you can see in this gallery.

Fashion photos with the participation of Michal Probierz

Fashion photos with the participation of Michal Probierz

Near Gdynia, held a photo session menswear Kruks Different manufactury featuring football coach Michal Probierz, for commercials. The photos were used on printed advertising materials manufacturer of clothing, on its website and an advertising campaign promoting the brand. Makeup has provided reliable Joanna Ziemska. Agnieszka Kalet styling done.

The session marked the beginning of a series of photos with the participation of outstanding athletes. They included: Jacek Bak, Tomasz Rząsa, Stefan Majewski, Marcin Kaminski, Marcin Wronowski, Marcin Dorna.

Photos from the session can be seen here.

Portraits Unilever employees from Poznan

Portraits Unilever employees from Poznan

I was asked to arrange a new concept presented portraits of workers at the headquarters of Unilever Poland in Poznan. I offered an unusual and interesting form of presenting images of workers made portrait session. The photos were printed directly on thick undercoats of PVC and spatially suspended on specially created message board (self-concept). The project was supposed to be a colorful and vivid. The effect was very favorably received by the customer. All photos were taken at the company headquarters, taking into account the individual character of each person.

Portraits individual Unilever employees Poznan.

Implementation of the project slide show of portraits of workers.

Advertising Session cosmetological salon and a dental office.

Advertising Session cosmetological salon and a dental office.

Photo session cosmetological salon and a dental office. Customer wishes, Dental & Beauty from Poznan, was to show the range of procedures. Makeup provided Marietta Siminiak. The photos were then used in an advertising campaign, in presentations on the leaflets, big screens, advertising in the city lights and the website of the client.

Gallery of pictures

Michael Kalet photographer from Poznan

Here are a few words about the photographer who carefully combines two areas of photography, that is, the old analog look-like and a new digital technology, regardless of the order not to overdo it either. His work impresses the masses of customers, so private as well as commercial, who increasingly expect something more from today's digital photography. Photos of Michael Kalet is not just technology, it's also incredible talent to view photos, even before the shutter is released. Photos that offers, is proof that the combination of practice, experience, technology and equipment, the best approach for creating timeless photographs.

Michael Kalet advertising photographer.

Acting for many years in the advertising industry as a creator of magazine ads, advertising publications, corporate identity, presenting products - developed a workshop based on a combination of graphics and photography. This contributes to the perception of photography composition before it is provided as a future elements of the campaign, the visual layout will easily interact with graphics. It is also engaged in the sphere of the whole project. From concept to completion.

Michael Kalet wedding photographer.

This will help you record what joined your hearts and souls. Wedding photos (instead of overwhelming trees, massive bridges, or other still lifes) see emotions and feelings. You will feel again the taste of that moment. Love, happiness, desire, longing, desire ... Feature wedding reportage wedding preparations or night session can be done in other cities, like Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lodz, London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Brighton, Dublin, Paris. The best wedding photos just do not know the limits and can be made anywhere in the world. It is important that he always, personally, performs repportage, the session and prepares albums.

Michael Kalet portrait photographer.

Many years of work when shooting people in the ceremonies, weddings, events and advertising projects, pays with portraits orders for individual customers. Will be captured for you what the seemingly elusive. See photos of those who gave into the hands of Michael Kalet photographer from. Feel the heartbeat, rapid breathing, trembling hands, speech and gestures, glances ... Michael Kalet is with you all the time to create each image.

Michael Kalet projects creator.

Actively participates in projects where his images are used. Create their own projects based on photographic session made. Creates visions based on photos taken by prompting customers own interesting advertising ideas. Photos and projects became his calling card, they have recognizable signature "made by michael Kalet".

Michal Kalet Photography